stamps, userboxes, & blinkies archive

stamps, userboxes, & blinkies archive
Collection of stamps, blinkies, & other similiar graphics, mostly pre-2010, that I find interesting, funny, nostalgic, or otherwise notable.
Stamps are from DeviantArt, a site which was launched in 2000. Userboxes originated from Wikipedia but became briefly popular on sites like Tumblr around 2016. Blinkies were popular on Geocities, MySpace, and other early 2000s websites.
[Click on any image to go to its original source! Some links might be dead, if the site I originally found it on ever gets deleted, but I didn't use a direct link so the images themselves will still be visible]

Stamp with the text 'Downloading/Uploading/Rendering/Converting Sucks! Stamp with the word 'armadillo' and a heart Stamp with the text 'I make stamps when I get bored.' Stamp with the text 'I love bears' and a photograph of a brown brown Stamp with a gif of a goldfish swimming Stamp of a yellow smiley face making funny faces Stamp with the text 'my ipod is always on repeat' Stamp with the text 'Halloween is my favorite holiday' Stamp with a loading icon and the text 'Stamp Loading'

Blinkie with an image of a flying saucer and the text 'I want to believe' Blinkie with the text 'Blinkie Zone' Blinkie with the text 'Internet Geek' Blinkie with the text 'Have a Nice Day' Blinkie with the text 'Night Owl' Blinkie with the text 'Happy Spring' Blinkie with an image of an early mobile phone and the text 'Hang up the damn phone' Blinkie with the text 'Do you Google?' Blinkie with the text 'I Found LOVE Online!' Blinkie with the text 'myspace addict' Blinkie with an image of Maisy, the fictional mouse character from a series of picture books of the same name, and the text 'Maisy' Blinkie with the text 'Home Sweet Home' Blinkie with the text 'Schoolhouse Rock' Blinkie with the text 'I love violets' Blinkie with the text 'PACMAN' and a gif of a pacman running into a blue ghost and dying with the text 'GAME OVER' Blinkie with an image of a robin and the text 'Michigan's State Bird' Blinkie with an image of Winnie the Pooh and the text 'Think, Think, Think' Blinkie with the text 'Get all your ducks in a row'

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